Mixed Rice with Scallops

In summer, hot days last and some people lose their appetite or feel not like cooking. Here is a recommended easy-cooking recipe in such summer, “maze-Gohan (mixed rice)” using Aomori’s scallops.

Ingredients [2 serving(s)]

  • 360 g of cooked rice
  • 80 g of boiled scallop
  • 20g of carrots
  • 1 sheet of abura-age (deep-fried sliced tofu)
  • 20 g of hatsuyukitake (kind of nameko or Japanese unique mushroom)
  • 5 g of mitsuba (Japanese wild chervil)
  • 3 cm of kombu or kelp for dashi (Japanese stock)
  • Seasoning (1 tsp of sugar, 1 tsp of mirin (sweet liquid flavoring), 1 tbsp of soy sauce)


  1. Slice carrots into shreds. Put one sheet of abura-age in boiled water to remove the excess oil and cut it into shreds. Dice the boiled scallop. Broke hatsuyukitake into florets.
    Tips: Cutting the ingredients into thin strips will make it easier to season them.
  2. Put water (appropriate amount), kombu, and carrots in a pot, and boil it. Then add boiled scallops, hatsuyukitake, abura-age and seasoning, and simmer until soaking taste into the ingredients.
  3. Mix rice, the ingredients in step 2 and chopped-mitsuba, and serve it.
This recipe is referring to “Aomori’s Easy Home Cooking Recipes.”
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