“Umpei” is a half-moon shaped Japanese confectionery made with mochi rice, sugar, and water. Umpei was often given to guests at weddings in the rice-producing region of Tsugaru in Aomori. The confectionery features a crunchy texture from the coarseness of the sugar.
Sweeter than “bekomochi,” a local confectionary of the Shimokita region, Umpei retains the granular of the sugar to keep its crunchy texture. The pattern on the confectionery is typically a spiral shape called memaki. Umpei shaped like sea bream or shrimp are used for special occasions such as weddings. Today, there are many variations of umpei such as those flavored with sesame, cocoa, or matcha green tea, and those with elaborate designs of pine trees and ume blossoms.

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