Shinagawa-jiru is a country-style dish from the town of Kawauchi in Mutsu, Aomori prefecture.
Though there are a few theories for the naming of this dish, one of the theories claims that Aomori fishermen survived a wreck near the booming port town of Shinawaga in Edo thanks to a soup they were given after rescue, and they brought back the dish to their hometown and named it “Shinagawa-jiru.”
A type of go-jiru, Shinagawa-jiru is made with pounded tofu thinned with miso and dashi broth. The process of pounding and thinning is repeated until the desired smoothness is achieved. It is best served hot.
Naratake (honey mushroom) is the most common ingredient, but chicken and vegetables are also used.
The process of pounding and thinning creates a wonderfully creamy tofu soup that is both flavorful and smooth.

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