ABOUT UMAIMONO AOMORI (Aomori Product Information Website)

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Aomori is a prefecture within the Tohoku region of Japan. Aomori benefits from being surrounded by the ocean on three sides. Fresh water flowing down from Mt. Hakkoda, Mt. Iwaki, and the World Natural Heritage Shirakami Mountains enriches the land.
A rich natural environment and varied features complemented by four distinct seasons offer abundant forage from the sea and mountains. Throughout Aomori, local traditional foods and culture have been passed on through generations.
From the quality agricultural, forestry, and fishery products to locally made artisanal goods, sake, and traditional crafts, you will find many excellent items that Aomori producers have made with integrity and diligence.

It is our wish for as many people to…
…the enchanting Aomori products.

The website “UMAIMONO AOMORI” was created with this vision, to share information about food from Aomori prefecture with the world.



Aomori Prefecture

Address 1-1-1 Nagashima, Aomori City, Aomori 030-8570
TEL 017-734-9571
FAX 017-734-8158
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