Monkfish Dressed in Miso

ankou no tomoae

Monkfish, or ankou, is a traditional winter fish in Japan.
Ankou hot pots and ankou liver are available in the Tokyo metropolitan area. However, ankou no tomoae, or monkfish dressed in miso is a local cuisine only found in the Shimokita region of Aomori.
In Aomori, ankou no tomoae is a dish containing the meat and skin of ankou, ankou liver, and miso.
The type of ankou in Aomori typically is the “ki-ankou,” or yellow monkfish. In the village of Kazamaura, where ankou is a local specialty, the fish is cut and trimmed in traditional methods such as “tsurushi-giri” and “setchu-giri” due to the peculiar shape of the fish.
From the liver, gonads, fins, gills, stomach, skin, to its flesh, no part of a fresh monkfish goes to waste. Monkfish liver is often referred to as the foie gras of the sea. It has an incredibly rich flavor. With the combination of miso and ankou, ankou no tomoae has a firm texture and a refined flavor.

Where to Find “Monkfish Dressed in Miso”

Tokyo/Kansai Region

Local specialty product using Monkfish Dressed in Miso

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