Aomori’s Top Produce in Japan

When asked for the first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking of Aomori, apples will most likely be the answer. Aomori has long been the largest producer of apples in Japan. In recent years, Aomori has also gained fame for “Oma tuna.” Aomori is the top producer of many other products in Japan.


Aomori prefecture dominates more than half of the apple market in Japan, delivering delicious apples across the nation all year-round.

Nagaimo (Japanese Yam)

The Japanese Yam produced in Aomori claims a 40% share of domestic distribution.


Accounting for 70% of the country’s market share, Aomori is the largest producer of garlic in Japan.


Aomori prefecture is the number one producer of gobo in the nation. Production season reaches its peak between fall and winter.


The main apricot variety is Hachisuke. On average, this variety of apricot is thirty percent larger than other breeds.


Aomori city is the largest producer of cassis (black currant) in Japan. Aomori became a major producer in the 1970s.

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