Aomori’s One and Only in Japan

With the rich natural environment in Aomori, the prefecture offers unique, locally sustained products. These are one-and-only products that can only be found in Aomori.


Takko Garlic

“Takko Garlic” is larger than average, with greater and firmer cloves, a snow white color, and well-known high quality.

Noheji Hatsuki Kokabu

Hatsuki Kokabu means small turnip with leaves. Grown in the cool climate of Aomori, the flesh is juicy and slightly sweet.

Nanbu Futonegi

Nanbu futonegi has a 1.5 times higher sugar content than common green onions, and everything from root to leaf can be consumed.


Kemame means furry beans. The beans are larger and have a sweeter, more fragrant taste, and smooth texture.

Owani Onsen Bean Sprouts

Owani Onsen bean sprouts have a 350-year history and tradition in the historic onsen town of Owani in the Tsugaru region of Aomori.


Dake-kimi was registered as a regional collective trademark in 2007, making it known as a premium corn brand nationwide.

Shimizumori Namba

Shimizumori Namba is a variety of red pepper with a history of more than 400 years.

Ikkyu Nyukon Kabocha Squash

With its high sugar content and palatable balance of texture and taste, Ikkyu Nyukon Kabocha Squash is known for its premium quality.

Shimokita Apios Americana

The bitter cold of the Shimokita peninsula and the care by producers make Shimokita Apios Americana an exquisite produce.


Tsuruta Steuben

Aomori is a major production area for “Steuben” grapes, dominating 80% of the domestic market share.

Tsugaru Peach

The fruit achieves a crisp firm texture and deep sweet flavor due to the temperature disparity between day and night in the Tsugaru region.

Aomori Cassis

Aomori Cassis, suited to the cool climate of Aomori city summer, are known as “the authentic natural cassis.”

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