Ikkyu Nyukon Kabocha Squash

Ikkyu Nyukon Kabocha Squash

Kabocha squash, also known as Japanese pumpkin, looks different from western pumpkins. While kabocha squash has a deep green color and bumpy-looking skin, its western counterpart is usually round with smooth orange skin.
Ikkyu Nyukon Kabocha Squash, produced in the Shimokita and Imabetsu areas, is cultivated with great care, with each plant allowed to produce only a single squash where normally three to six squashes would grow. The breed of Ikkyu Nyukon Kabocha Squash is called “dark horse,” characterized by its sweet, nutty, and flavorful taste.
All except one squash on the main branch are removed as the plant grows, causing all nutrients and flavor to concentrate on the one. The difference in temperature between day and night gives the squash extra sweetness and its deep flavor intensifies as it grows in the cool climate.

Ikkyu Nyukon Kabocha Squash has a deep green outer skin and golden yellow flesh. With its high sugar content (13~15g of sugar/100g) and palatable balance of texture and taste, Ikkyu Nyukon Kabocha Squash is known for its premium quality.
Ikkyu Nyukon Kabocha Squash is a popular ingredient in many sweets developed in the Shimokita region.

Main Production Regions: Shimokita, Mutsu, Imabetsu

Ikkyu Nyukon Kabocha Squash
Ikkyu Nyukon Kabocha Squash

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Ikkyu Nyukon Kabocha Squash(ingredients)

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