Flounder is the prefectural fish of Aomori. Flounder is a white fish with delicate flesh and a refined sweetness and umami. Its peak season is in the fall.

Found in the seabed at depths of 100~200 meters (328~656ft), flounders come to spawn around rugged and rocky shores between spring and summer. Available year round, Aomori boasts the largest flounder catch in Japan.
Any fish smaller than thirty five centimeters is released back to the ocean, which ensures size and quality of flounders caught in Aomori.

Flounders caught in Aomori are all natural. Since the umami of the fish increases gradually after they are pithed (ikejime), the Aomori Natural Flounder Association processes the fish after receiving buying orders to ensure the best quality and to deliver the flounder under the name “Aoten Hirame” directly to restaurants and customers.

In the town of Ajigasawa, “Hirame Zuke Don” is a local specialty rice bowl. Premium flounder is marinated in a sauce and generously arranged atop rice with a sauce varying by each dining establishment.

The village of Higashidori also have a local gourmet meal highlighting flounder called “Higashidori Tennen Hirame Sashimi Ju.” Using locally sourced ingredients such as natural flounder, Higashidori-gyu beef and local blueberries, the meal is a superb way to enjoy local fare.

Flounder sashimi
Higashidori Tennen Hirame Sashimi Ju

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