Japanese Amberjack

Japanese Amberjack

Japanese amberjack, also known as yellowtail or buri, has long been appreciated in Japanese cooking.
It is a migratory fish in the carangidae family, with a fishing season between summer and winter. Mature Japanese amberjack can grow as large as 1 meter (3.2 ft) and 8 kg (17.6 lbs).
Amberjack is an endemic species that can be found in the ocean surrounding the coasts of Japan to the East China Sea. Large amberjack caught in the winter are called “kamburi,” and are especially popular due to high fat content.

Amberjack have a variety of regional names and are called by different names as they grow. Given this, they are often used in celebratory dishes as they are associated with growth and advancement.
In Aomori, the name changes from shokko, followed by inada, fukurage, warasa, and finally buri. Amberjack in the buri stage (mature amberjack) can be found along with salmon in the fixed fishing nets on the Sea of Japan side of the prefecture, where water temperatures drop significantly in the winter.

Japanese Amberjack sashimi
Japanese Amberjack

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