Production of tomatoes can be divided into two varieties, fresh eating tomatoes and cooking tomatoes. In Aomori, fresh eating tomatoes make up the majority of production.
Tomato production reaches its peak in the summer, and summer/fall tomatoes of Aomori (July~Nov) rank number seven in production nationwide. The majority are shipped to Tokyo Central Wholesale Market, where distribution reaches the top share in the months of July, August, and September; during which, 1 in 5 tomatoes originate from Aomori.
Tomatoes from Aomori are grown in a climate with great temperature change between day and night, bringing out the flavors and color of the fruit. They are also known for shipping durability. The main variety is called Momotaro tomatoes, which are firm when fully-ripened. In Aomori, the fruit sorting process has been distinctly improved by adopting methods utilized for Aomori’s apples. Each tomato is sorted and shipped according to its sugar content, maturity, firmness, acidity, and internal defects.

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a color pigment with high antioxidants, said to be effective in the prevention of lifestyle related diseases. It also contains high levels of beta-carotene.

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