Sea Pineapple

Sea pineapple, hoya

Sea pineapple, or hoya, is known for its unique acquired taste that is favored by connoisseurs. The taste is defined by its freshness. Fresh hoya tastes the like the ocean with a refreshing sweetness.

There is a local saying that “hoya fattens along with cucumber,” which derives from the fact that hoya reaches peak season when cucumbers grow from late spring to early summer.
Hoya is highly nutritious with minerals such as phosphorus, iron, and potassium, as well as vitamin E and B12. The orange interior is eaten after the outer layer is removed. Preparing with the mountain vegetable mizu (uwabami-so) and cucumber helps to remove any peculiar ocean taste. Hoya is also good as salted hoya, marinated in vinegar, tempura, or karaage.

Sea pineapple
Sea pineapple

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