As the saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” apples have always been known for their health benefits. Apple farming requires year-round care, from branch trimming in the winter to harvest in the fall. Aomori apples are the product of each farmer’s passion and uncompromising hard work to overcome each and every obstacles in the farming process.

Delicious and Wholesome Aomori Apples

Aomori prefecture dominates more than half of the apple market in Japan, delivering delicious apples across the nation all year-round. The latest research has proven the nutritional effectiveness of apples and their health benefits.
The surface of Aomori apples can feel sticky and waxy. However, this is due to the natural wax present in the apple skin, not commercial wax coating. The main substances of the natural wax, linoleic acid and oleic acid, increase as apples mature and have high nutritional value. Often observed in the varieties Jona Gold and Tsugaru, an apple presenting wax is a sign of ripeness.
In Aomori, apples are stored using Controlled-atmosphere storage, a technology in which apples are stored in low temperatures to slow the breathing and ripening, allowing for a longer storage life without affecting the quality or flavor. In recent years, advancements in technology using optical sensors to measure sugar content and sugar core of apples have allowed farmers to deliver delicious crisp apples to consumers nationwide.


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Artisanal Apple Goods

Artisanal Apple Goods

As the largest producer of apples in Japan, Aomori produces a wide variety of artisanal goods using the fruit, including juices, jams, sweets, and alcoholic beverages.

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