In Aomori, wheat is sown in the fall (mid to end of September), passes the winter, and is harvested in the summer (July). The two major varieties of wheat cultivated in Aomori are “Kitakamikomugi” and “Nebarigoshi”. “Kitakamikomugi” has a low protein content, commonly used in soft wheat flour for baking. Other varieties produced in Aomori are the “Mochi Komugi,” characterized by the mochi-like smooth texture, and “Yukichikara,” a wheat variety suited for bread making.


“Nebarigoshi” is a wheat variety with low amylose, suited for noodles with a smooth and mochi-like texture.

Main Producing Regions Towada, Tsugaru city, Yokohama, Ajigasawa, Hachinohe


“Yukichikara” has joined the lines of wheat produced in Aomori along with the varieties “Kitakamikomugi” and “Nebarigoshi.” “Yukichikara” is a variety suited for bread making, and is used for school lunch bread. Bread products using this wheat are also available locally in the town of Tsuruta.

Main Producing Regions Kuroishi, Hirosaki, Aomori, Tsuruta


“Kitakami-komugi” is a variety of wheat with a low protein content and is a soft wheat suitable for confectionary use.

Main Producing Regions Goshogawara, Tsugaru city, Nakadomari, Aomori

Mochi Hime

“Mochi Hime” is a variety of wheat with a mochi-like texture and should not be confused as a rice variety from its name. Not only does it have a unique texture, it is also appreciated for its smoothness to the palate. It is a versatile wheat that can be used for a range of purposes.
One of the recommended ways of using Mochi Hime is to make suiton, or flour dumplings, by adding Mochi Hime (approx. 10~20%) to flour or potatoes. It gives the suiton a smooth mochi-like texture.

Main Producing Regions Oirase, Towada

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Local Dishes Using Wheat

Kakke Dumpling

Kakke Dumpling

“Kakke” is a local delicacy from the Nanbu region, made with buckwheat or wheat mixed with water and salt.



“Hittsumi” is a type of country-style dumpling made with flour and water and cooked in a broth filled with chicken, vegetables, and mountain vegetables.

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