“Hittsumi” is a type of country-style dumpling made with flour and water and cooked in a broth filled with chicken, vegetables, and mountain vegetables. The name “hittsumi” is derived from the word hiki-chigiru, which comes from the act of tearing off dumplings from the dough.
In the Nanbu region of Aomori prefecture, there are vast areas of farming land, and locals have long made made cereals and flour/buckwheat flour a central part of their cooking.
With many nutritious ingredients, “Hittsumi” is a country-style dish that could substitute as a staple food, especially when rice was scarce.
The ingredients and broth can vary depending on the locality, household tradition, and season. Some variations including ingredients such as crab, fish, chicken, and various seasonal vegetables.

Where to Find “Hittsumi”


Local specialty product using Hittsumi

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