Since 1955, broiler chicken farming has increased in Japan. Chicken farming in Aomori has been supported by great demand for chicken meat. Though facing some challenges in 1973 during the energy crisis, chicken farming has steadily progressed to this day.
As of February 2014, the number of broiler chickens have reached 6,844 birds, on average 104 per production house, making Aomori the fourth largest chicken producer in the nation. Approximately 13% of Aomori chicken meat is distributed to other prefectures.

“Gokoku Ajidori” and “Megumidori” are two quality brand chickens raised in Aomori. Aomori also is home of the special local breed, “Aomori Shamrock.”

Aomori Shamrock

Crossed between Shamo gamecock and Plymouth Rock chicken, Aomori Shamrock is an original breed developed in Aomori over a period of twenty years.
The chicken meat has a deep complex flavor, making it suitable for oyakodon and hot pots such as chicken sukiyaki and suitaki. The meat also has a great texture and can be enjoyed as yakitori or yubiki (blanched).

Main Producing Regions

Gonohe, Rokunohe, Owani

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Local Dish Using Chicken



“Hittsumi” is a type of country-style dumpling made with flour and water and cooked in a broth filled with chicken, vegetables, and mountain vegetables.

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