Cod is a typical winter fish in Aomori, as the Japanese character used for the word cod, or tara, stands for winter fish.
Cods can be found in Mutsu Bay around the depth of 150~200 meters (492~656 ft) when they return for spawning between December and February. The fish tastes its best during this time and is filled with roe and soft roe.

The Wakinosawa area of Mutsu city has long been known as the cod village. At the opening of cod fishing season in early December, a traditional event takes place in which fishermen race to the ocean to reach the best hunting ground.

Jappa jiru” is a country-style dish of Aomori and a staple in the winter. It uses the remaining parts of cod after filleting such as the innards, fins, and bones, as well as vegetables such as daikon radish, napa cabbage, tofu, and leek.
The soft roe shirako, also called tatsu, can be enjoyed as sashimi when fresh. The roe is pickled in salt or used in koae, cod dressed with cod-roe. The fish is valued for its low calorie and high protein content.

Cod, jappajiru
Cod, koae

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Local Dish Using Cod



Jappajiru is highly nutritious as it uses the entire fish with vegetables such as daikon and green onion. In the winter, it is an essential local dish in the Tsugaru region.

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