Surf Clam

Surf Clam

Surf clam, known as “uba-gai” or “hokki-gai,” is the king of winter clams. The Kitahama Waters from the coast of Hachinohe to Misawa are great fishing grounds for high-quality surf clams. Surf clams have an average life expectancy of over thirty years, growing one centimeter per year. Four Fishery Cooperatives in the Kitahama Waters organized the “Kitahama Waters Hokkigai Sustainability Council,” in which sustainable practices are decided and managed. Some of the practices include limited fishing seasons, daily catch limit, and young clam releasing activities. In the port of Misawa, any surf clam smaller than 8 cm are returned to the ocean.
Surf clam grown in the northern seas are meaty with a rich fragrance and sweetness. It is excellent as sashimi, in shabu-shabu hot pot, marinated in miso vinegar dressing, and kayaki (grilled on a shell).
High in protein and low in fat, it also has high levels of iron and vitamin B12.

“Misawa Hokki-don” is a local specialty surf clam rice bowl available in Misawa between the months of December and March of the following year. Restaurants throughout the city serve their unique variation of the delicious hokki-don.

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