Shimokita Apios Americana

Shimokita Apios Americana

Apios americana is a vegetable in the pea family, native to North America.
Along with yacón and sunflower potatoes, apios americana is known as one of the three healthiest vegetables of the world. Apios americana, which is high in calories, iron, and other nutrients, was a staple and emergency food for Native Americans. Its sweet flavor is similar to that of chestnuts or sweet beans. In order to avoid losing nutrients when cooking, it is commonly deep-fried or boiled with the shell. Not only is Apios americana a delicious vegetable, it is also a superfood with great health benefits.

The Shimokita peninsula in Aomori prefecture is situated at 41 degrees north, the same degree as the state of Indiana in the U.S.A temperate climate with severe changes in temperature is best for the cultivation of apios americana. After harvest, the legume is exposed to severe cold reaching -10°C (14°F) for two months, from November to January. This method, called “kanzarashi,” increases the sugar content of the plant as it converts starch to sugar.
The bitter cold of the Shimokita peninsula and the care by producers make Shimokita Apios Americana an exquisite produce.

Shimokita Apios Americana
Shimokita Apios Americana

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