codfish jappa-jiru

Codfish is an essential fish in Aomori that is used for celebratory dishes in the new year. Until 1945, it was a common sight to see locals dragging the fish tied with rope on a snowy road at the end of the year for celebration.
Jappa is an Aomori dialect for “zappa,” which means rough. Specifically, the term refers to the miscellaneous parts of the fish that are typically thrown out such as the head, bones, skin, and innards. Jappa-jiru uses such parts and has been a dish loved by locals as it uses the entire fish without wasting any part.
Jappa-jiru is a typical home-style food that is enjoyed at most homes in Aomori prefecture. It is highly nutritious as it uses the entire fish with vegetables such as daikon and green onion. In the winter, it is an essential local dish in the Tsugaru region.

Where to Find “Jappajiru”

Tokyo/Kansai Region


Local specialty product using Jappajiru

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