Although Hokkaido is the eminent producer of potatoes in Japan, Aomori is another major producer, ranking as the sixth largest in the nation. 90% of the potato grown in Aomori is of a variety called “May Queen,” which holds its shape even when cooked. Harvest season in Aomori falls right during the off-season of production in Hokkaido and Nagasaki, between July and September.
Potato is an excellent source of nutrition as it contains vitamin C, retaining its nutritional value even when cooked.
“Okoppe imo” is a unique large variety of potato, egg-shaped with yellow skin, produced in the Okoppe region of the town of Oma in the Shimokita peninsula. “Okoppe imo” has a soft and flakey texture and its skin peels easily.

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Local Dish Using Potatoes

Imo Mochi no June-ae/Oshiruko

Imo Mochi no June-ae/Oshiruko

Imo-mochi is made with potatoes. It is typically eaten dressed in sesame or “june” sesame miso. It is also eaten in shiruko, a sweet red bean porridge.

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