Artisanal Apple Goods

As the largest producer of apples in Japan, Aomori produces a wide variety of artisanal goods using the fruit, including juices, jams, sweets, and alcoholic beverages.

Apple Juice


The two types of apple juices produced in Aomori are 100% natural juice and from concentrate, in which fresh juice is concentrated then later rehydrated. 100% natural apple juices are a great way to enjoy the flavor of the fruit. It can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Apple Jam

The apple jams made in Aomori are filled with fresh fruit pulp. There is a wide variety of jam products such as pulpy jams and smooth jams to satisfy any preference. Additionally, there are many different types of apple jams such as Fuji, Jonathan, Orin, and Toki, all made from locally produced apples.

Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit

Dried fruits are a popular healthy snack food because of their long shelf-life and light weight in comparison to fresh fruit.
Dried apples produced in Aomori have a higher concentration of vitamin C, despite the fact that most fruits lose their vitamin C when dried. In addition to dried apples, half-dried as well as freeze dried apples are also available in the market.

Cidre (Cider)

Cidre (Cider)

Cidre is an carbonated alcoholic beverage made with apples, originally from Europe. It is characterized by gentle bubbles and a refreshing aftertaste.
Sparkling wine “Cidre” made in Aomori enjoys the full benefit of fresh locally grown apples.
Some featured cidres in the prefecture are “Aomori Cidre” made in A-FACTORY, Nikka Cidre (made by Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.; a long-time seller in production at Hirosaki factory since 1960), “kimori Cidre” made in Hirosaki Cider Kobo Kimori.

Apple Brandy

Apple Brandy is made with fermented and distilled apple juice. The process is similar to that of common brandy, which is produced by distilling wine. Apple brandy uses cidre, which is made with apple juice, instead of wine which is made with grape juice.
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd., produces the Aomori exclusive “Nikka Apple Brandy Hirosaki” at their Nikka Whiskey Hirosaki factory.


As the largest producer of apples, Aomori makes wines using apples, such as the red apple Goshogawara wine from Goshogawara city.
Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. have produced apple wine at the Nikka Whiskey Hirosaki factory since 1960.

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