Miso Kayaki / Kayaki Miso

This is one of the favorite home cooked dishes in the Shimokita and Tsugaru region of Aomori prefecture. In the Shimokita region, it is commonly called to “Miso Kayaki,” whereas, in the Tsugaru region, it is called “Kayaki Miso.”
Fishermen in the Shimokita region began the tradition of using scallop shells to cook this dish in during the Edo period. Dashi broth from bonito or yakiboshi is stewed with scallops, local seasonal ingredients, miso, and beaten eggs.
*This recipe is based on recipes from “Food Culture Tradition Guidebook.”


  • 1 Egg
  • 2 yakiboshi (grilled dried fish) or niboshi (dried fish)
  • 2~3 grams of bonito flakes
  • 1 large scallop (or 3 small scallops), raw
  • ¼ sheet of baked fu (wheat gluten)
  • 30 grams red miso
  • Small amount of green onion
  • *Adjust the amount of ingredients to fit the scallop shell you are cooking in.


  1. Cut out everything from the shell, and discard the digestive gland and stomach from the scallop adductor (the meat). Rinse the scallop. Cut into smaller pieces if it is too large.
    *The digestive gland/stomach is the black circular part attached to the adductor.
  2. Soak the fu (wheat gluten) in water and cut in thin slices (7-8mm thick). Chop the green onions finely. Beat the egg well.
  3. Add 100cc of water into the shell. Add the yakiboshi, and place the shell over the fire (stove).
    Tip: If you do not have a scallop shell suited to cook in, you may use a small shallow pot.
  4. Once the broth is fragrant, remove the yakiboshi. Add the bonito flakes, scallop, and fu.
    Tip: Other recommended ingredients are mountain vegetables, chopped white fish, or any other seasonal ingredients of your choice.
  5. Add and dissolve the miso. When the broth boils, pour in the beaten egg and mix it all gently. Turn off the heat once the egg is cooked and serve.

Video “Miso Kayaki”

Video “Miso Kayaki”


Sea Scallops
Green Onion
Ingredients “Mutsu Bay Scallops”

Food Culture Tradition Guidebook

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