Japan is one of the largest consumers of eggs in the world.

Eggs from Aomori are known for their freshness. Produced in the cool climate of the northern prefecture, the streamlined large-scale operation makes it possible to ship the eggs, under refrigeration, to the metropolitan area, while maintaining freshness.
45% of the eggs produced in Aomori are distributed to Tokyo, where Aomori eggs make up 19% (second highest) of the market. Due to the reliability of supply, Aomori eggs are highly regarded by egg wholesalers.

Eggs are an extremely versatile ingredient used in a variety of dishes from Japanese omelets to chawanmushi, a savory steamed egg custard with vegetables and meat. Eggs are also frequently used in local dishes including the baked-in-shell miso scallop.

Main Production Regions: All areas of Aomori prefecture

Asunaro Eggs

Asunaro Eggs

Asunaro eggs (chicken eggs) were diligently developed over a twenty-year period by Aomori prefecture.
With a light sea-green colored shell, the egg whites are thick and the yolks are larger than common eggs. Produced in Takko Egg Village, the Asunaro Eggs are also called “the first green star.” Special attention goes into the chicken feed, which contains perilla with high levels of alpha-linoleic acid, quality corn, seaweed, red pepper, and locally grown garlic.

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Local Dish Using Eggs

Kayaki Miso

Kayaki Miso

Kayaki Miso, or grilled miso scallop, is a country-style dish in which sea scallops and eggs seasoned with dashi broth and miso are grilled together in a large scallop shell.

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