Plums are one of the summer fruits produced in Aomori.
There are three categories of plums; Japanese plums, European plums, and American plums. Japanese plums are the majority of those produced and consumed in Japan, also known as “sumomo.”
In general, plums are popular for their varied colors and refreshing taste. Prunes, made from European plums, are especially popular as a health food.
The dominant production area in Aomori is the Sannohe region, producing plums such as Oishi Wase and Soldam varieties. The city of Hirosaki is the major producer of prunes.

Plum blossoms frequently make appearances as an object of admiration in Nihon Shoki (the oldest chronicles of Japan), Kojiki (Japan’s oldest historical record), and Manyoshu (anthology of Japanese poetry). In the 1800s, during the Meiji period, the U.S. brought over the Japanese plum and improved the breed for eating purposes. The Japanese plums we see in Japan today are the improved breed which was re-introduced to Japan.

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