Mizu and Hoya Mizumono

One of the Aomori’s representative local cuisine in Summer is “Mizu and Hoya Mizumono (‘mizumono’ is a dish of foods soaked in soup, and the ‘mizu’ is one of the mountain vegetables which is officially known as uwabami-so, and the ‘hoya’ is sea pineapple).” It is a simple dish, also called “Hoyamizu,” but is a refreshing dish enjoying with unique scent of the sea pineapple, and with the crunchy texture of mizu.

Ingredients [2~3 serving(s)]

  • 100~120g of mizu (uwabami-so)
  • 2 sea pineapples
  • Dashi (Japanese stock) (1.5 cm of kombu (kelp), 300 ccs of water, 1/2 tbsp of salt)


  1. Preparation of mizu: Take off leaves, peel and cut into 3~4 cm, and then wash them. Put mizu in boiled water with a pinch of salt and cook it until its color turns a brilliant green. Put it in cold water and then drain well.
    Tips: Do not boil too much so that it will keep its texture.
  2. Preparation of sea pineapples: Remove the skin, inside water, and guts. After salt, wash and slice it into easy-to-eat pieces.
    Tips: After shelling the sea pineapple, rub with salt and wash in the cold water, so that the sea pineapple won’t darken and will keep the soaking liquid clear.
  3. Make dashi soup using kombu and add salt to season, then cool it.
  4. Shred the kombu taken out after using for dashi.
  5. Combine the prepared foodstuff in steps 1, 2 and 4 in a small bowl and pour dashi soup (step 3).



Sea Pineapple
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