Horse Meat Hot Pot

horse meat hot pot

Horse has long been a part of the Aomori food culture, especially in places with the character he
such as Sannohe, Gonohe, Rokunohe, Shichinohe, and Hachinohe, all located in the Nanbu region.
Among those towns, Gonohe was frequented by a number of horse merchants, and horse meat hot pot has been a part of its local cuisine since the Meiji period (1868~1912).
Horse meat is known for being a healthy meat as it is low calories and fat, but high in protein. It is commonly enjoyed as basashi (horse meat sashimi), in miso-based hot pot, grilled in a dish called “Yoshitsune Nabe,” and as shabu-shabu hot pot dish.
In addition to Gonohe, the towns of Towada and Goshogawara (previously Kanagi) also have the culture of eating horse meat with traditional dishes which have been handed down from generation to generation.

Where to Find “Horse Meat Hot Pot”

Tokyo/Kansai Region


Local specialty product using Horse Meat Hot Pot

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