Ichigoni Urchin Soup

ichigoni urchin soup

“Ichigoni” is a type of soup made with sea urchin and abalone in a seafood broth. It is a local specialty of Hashikami town in Aomori prefecture. The red colored sea urchin is said to resemble ichigo, wild strawberries, misted in morning fog, thus the name “ichigo-ni.”
It is typically served with thinly sliced shiso and green onions. The balance between the seafood and the shiso creates a superb flavor and luscious appearance, which makes it the perfect dish for celebratory occasions.
While “Ichigoni” is considered to be a luxurious dish using delicacies such as sea urchin and abalone, it has been a staple dish in households engaged in fishery. The town of Hashikami holds the “Ichigoni Festival” annually during a two-day period at the end of July.

Where to Find “Ichigoni Urchin Soup”

Tokyo/Kansai Region


Local specialty product using Ichigoni Urchin Soup

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