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Aomori prefecture has a high reputation for its local brews. Enriched by the beautiful natural environment, the land of Aomori prefecture enjoys pure natural water that flows from the surrounding mountains including the World Natural Heritage Shirakami Mountains. In addition, Aomori is a major producer of rice and produce used for the production of local brews, such as sake made with sake-brewing rice or malted rice. The prefecture boasts top-quality brews that use local produce, grown in the rich soils of Aomori.

Japanese Sake – Hanafubuki/Hanaomoi-

sake brewing, also known as shuzo-kotekimai. In comparison to regular rice, shuzo-kotekimai has a higher starch content which is necessary for the sake brewing process, and a lower protein content which is important for the flavor of the sake.
Hanafubuki is used in the brewing of Junmai sake, while Hanaomoi is used for premium quality sake such as Kinjoshu and Daikinjoshu.

Local Sake Brewery List

Local breweries are scattered all around Aomori prefecture. Most breweries have been family-owned through generations with close ties to the local communities.
While some sake are made year-round, breweries generally begin the production process in the fall, reaching the busiest period during the coldest months in the winter. The final product becomes ready in the spring. Some breweries offer tours that allow visitors to enjoy the unique historic atmosphere and aroma of the breweries, and it is highly recommended.
Please contact the breweries directly for information about tours.

Brewery contact tour
Nishida Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. http://www.densyu.co.jp/
Hatomasamune Co., Ltd. http://www.hatomasa.jp/ Tours available
Momokawa Brewing Inc. https://www.momokawa.co.jp/en/ Tours available
Sekinoi http://www.sekinoi.co.jp/
Morita Shobee Co., Ltd. http://www.morishou.co.jp/ Tours available
Ozaki Shuzo Co., Ltd. http://www.ozakishuzo.com/ Tours available
Osanai Shuzo Inc. 0173-46-2005 Tours available
Takenami Shuzo-ten Inc. 0172-73-2161 Tours available
Narumi Jozo-ten Co., Ltd. https://furusatobin.jp/kikunoi/ Tours available
Nakamura Kamekichi Co., Ltd.
Rokka Shuzo Co., Ltd. http://www.joppari.com/ Tours available
Matsumidori Brewery https://matsu-midori.com/en/
Kaneta Tamada Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Shirakami Shuzo Co., Ltd. http://www.aomori-sake.or.jp/kuramoto/shirakami.html
Miura Shuzo Co., Ltd. 0172-32-1577 Tours available
Marutake Shuzo-ten Co., Ltd. 0172-86-2002 Tours available
Hachinohe Syurui Co., Ltd. https://hachinohe-syurui.com/ Tours available
Hachinohe Shuzo Co., Ltd. https://www.mutsu8000.com/ Tours available
Godo Shusei Co., Ltd. Hachinohe Factory https://www.oenon.jp/ Tours available
Rokkasho Chiiki Shinko Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. 0175-71-3335 Tours available


In Aomori, locally grown produce and the natural artesian water are used for making shochu.
Shochu from Aomori is unique as it uses local produce such as naga-imo yam, tsukune-imo yam, soybeans, rape flower blossoms, dake-kimi (a specialty corn grown in Hirosaki, Dake area), or rice along with artesian water from the Shirakami mountains.

Aomori Apple Cidre

Aomori prefecture is often associated with its local specialty apples. Though nothing can beat the taste of a fresh Aomori apple, they are also used to make sparkling wine “cidre.” As the top producer of apples in Japan, the cidre made in Aomori uses the freshest apples harvested at their peak season.

  • Aomori Cidre A-FACTORY (Web)
  • Nikka Cidre ~Asahi Breweries Ltd.
    Manufactured: Nikka Whiskey Distilling Co., Ltd. Hirosaki Factory
  • Ringo-shu NPO Kuroishi-Furusato-Ringomura
  • Cidre Factory Kimori (Web)
  • Tamura Farm (Web)
  • Moriyamaen Co., Ltd. (Web)

Aomori Apple Cidre

Where to Find “Local Sake and Brewed Beverages”

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