Octopus Dogu-Jiru

octopus dogu-jiru

Octopus dogu-jiru, or octopus stew, has long been a favorite amongst fishermen. Since the head and legs of octopus are shipped out to customers, fishermen created a dish using the remaining innards.
The Japanese name tako no dogu-jiru can be directly translated as “the soup of octopus’s tools.” This derives from the term tako no dogu which refers to the innards of octopuses, as the innards of seafood are often called “the tools for living.”
A country-style dish from the Shimokita region, it was once a worker’s meal for fishermen. However, the octopus dogu-jiru has now become a delicacy, typically made for entertainment.
The innards are pre-cooked, then stewed with tofu, green onions, and seasonal vegetables. The innards give the stew a great variety of textures.

Local specialty product using Octopus Dogu-Jiru

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