There are two groups of strawberries in Aomori, the winter/spring strawberries harvested between November and June, and summer/fall strawberries harvested between July and October. Size, sweetness, and acidity levels vary depending on the breed.

Hachinohe city is the major production area in the prefecture, situated on the Pacific coast with longer sunlight exposure during winter. Most are shipped to markets within Aomori. The quality of the berries has improved in recent years as production shifted from open-field to greenhouse farming. In addition to the traditional spring crop, forcing cultivation during fall and winter combined with the cultivation of everbearing strawberries during summer and fall all together allow for a year-round yield from the towns of Hirakawa, Kuroishi, Inakadate, and Higashidori.

Due to having delicate flesh, strawberries are not suited for long-distance transport. Strawberries made in Aomori are largely supplied to consumers within the prefecture, with some reaching as far as Hokkaido on ferries from Hachinohe.


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