No.1 food

Aomori is the top producer of many products in Japan.

No.1 food

The prefecture offers unique, locally sustained products.


Nemagari Bamboo

Nemagari Bamboo

Takenoko, or the bamboo shoot, is a symbol of spring in Japan. Bamboo shoots have a unique flavor and are widely used in Japanese and... more

GoboGobo NagaimoNagaimo


Dried Mochi

Dried Mochi

Dried mochi, or “hoshi-mochi,” is a traditional preserved food from the northwestern area of the Tsugaru region in Aomori prefecture. It is also called kori-mochi,... more

Shinagawa-JiruShinagawa-Jiru Beko-MochiBeko-Mochi


Garlic and Burdock Ajillo

Garlic and Burdock AjilloMar 22, 2024

Abundant “Fukuchi White” garlic, suited to the climate, is grown In Aomori Prefecture. The feature of this garlic is that it is large, firm, and snowy white. It is cultivated in a field covered with snow over winter, and because it grows in severe cold, it becomes less spicy and sweeter. In addition, the taste of burdock increases its deliciousness the synergy because of umami with other ingredients. Furthermore, the leftover oil after eating has the umami of the ingredients blended into the oil, so it can be enjoyed twice when used for pasta, fried rice, and so on! more

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Aomori is home to a rich natural environment producing fresh top-quality produce. In addition, Aomori has distinct food cultures that have developed and continue to evolve within its many local regions.