Aomori is one of the leading prefectures for pig farming in Japan. With special care and consideration going into rearing methods and quality, the pork produced in Aomori is highly regarded for its taste.

Since the establishment of the feed grain industrial complex at the Port of Hachinohe in 1982, the pig farming industry has made significant progress. As of 2016, Aomori pig farming is a 24.2 billion yen industry, ranking third in the prefectural agriculture industry and first in the livestock industry. It has grown to become one of the key industries in Aomori along with poultry farming.
The total number of pigs reared in Aomori has reached 359,500 in February, 2018, ranking in at ninth place nationwide. The scale of pig farming has grown exponentially, as the number of head, currently at 4,550 per lot, has become the greatest in Japan.
Aomori pork is known for its unique, high-quality brands such as the “Oirase Garlic Pork,” “Yamazaki Pork,” and “Hasegawa Natural Pork.” A special level of care goes into the feed and rearing methods of each of these pork brands.

Oirase Garlic Pork

The Oirase Garlic Pork pigs are raised eating feed with garlic powder in the rich natural environment surrounding Oirase River. The garlic gives a boost in the levels of vitamin B1 and inosinic acid, a umami substance that gives the pork a distinctive savory flavor.

Main Production Regions

Oirase Garlic Pork Towada
Yamazaki Pork Misawa
Hasegawa Natural Pork Ajigasawa

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