Aomori cabbage is shipped between June and October, with summer/fall cabbage (July~October) production ranking seventh nationwide. Spring cabbage, suited for salads, dominates Aomori’s cabbage production instead of winter cabbage. Winter cabbage is also available during some of the season. The leaves of winter cabbages are firmer and become sweeter when cooked. This variety is suited for gyoza potstickers and stuffed cabbage rolls.

While cabbage can be used in various dishes, “sushiko” is a staple in Aomori, a pickled dish made with rice, cabbage, and cucumber.

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Local Dish Using Cabbage

Sushiko Pickled Rice

Sushiko Pickled Rice

Originally from the rice country of the Seihoku area in the Tsugaru region, sushiko is a unique Japanese pickle made with rice.

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