Seiten no Hekireki

Seiten no Hekireki

Seiten no Hekireki is a new premium rice breed, the first in Aomori to be graded as special-A rank in the 2015 rice quality test. The harmony between the rice’s stickiness and firmness is excellent, and it has a luscious sweet aftertaste. The white sparkling grains are large and defined, and come apart nicely in the mouth. Filling but not heavy, Seiten no Hekireki will have you asking for another helping.
Seiten no Hekireki is cultivated in well-drained or semi-dry paddies in the fertile desirable lands of central and northwestern Tsugaru. As a premium rice brand, every shipment meets the rice standards of grade one or two, in which the unpolished rice protein value must be 6.4% or less.

The name Seiten no Hekireki conjures the image of a sudden bolt of lightning (hekireki) appearing in a clear blue sky (seiten). It is the wish of the farmers to produce this rice with such a striking presence.

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The Outstanding Variety of Rice from Aomori

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